FLOW Hands Free Motion Sensing Faucet

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FLOW Hands Free Motion Sensing Faucet
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I bought this item the last time it was on woot and I am very pleased.

The installation was easy.

I really like the ability to turn it off and on with the wave of the hand. It can be annoying sometimes if I have a large pot in front and it senses it and turns the water off prematurely.

The extendable head has and off/on switch which is very helpful to temporarily turn off the flow when I need to extend the water off to the side of the sink to fill my espresso machine.

Finally, the spray mode of the extended head it very powerful and does a great job when I need to rinse things off.

Good reviews at Home Depot


I’m a little tempted, because we’ve been looking for a kitchen faucet, but not pulling the trigger this time for three reasons:

  1. It’s chrome. Doesn’t match anything in the house.

  2. I have pretty much had enough of off-name faucets. Moen and Delta last essentially forever. “Flow”? Who knows?

  3. I definitely do not want to be crawling around under the kitchen sink to change the batteries every x number of months. It should at least have the option of a wall wart power block. Lots of people have outlets under the sink for dishwashers, so it’s not so farfetched that someone could plug it in.

Calling this product “Hands Free” is false advertising. Sure, you can wave your hands under the tap to turn it on, but tell me how you handle this scenario without touching the faucet:

Your wife has just finished rinsing the dishes with hot water and you approach the tap, looking forward to a cool glass of water. Show me how you get that without touching the tap with your hands. Maybe you use your feet?