FLOW Hands Free Motion Sensing Faucets

Name brand


Can anyone tell me if this faucet also has a sensor on the top or is it just in the front?

Motion sensor is a wasted feature, since your at the sink doing the dishes, waiting for the water to get hot.

What a strange concept. “Whoops, gotta change the batteries in my faucet.”

It doesn’t have a sensor, but its a great faucet. I’ve had mine for approximately 6 months and love it.

Why is it that Woot often does not tell you about power (i.e. batteries required, what type and how many are required or operates on 110v) in their specs section. I have not purchased multiple items because the description and/or specs do not include that information.

6 AA batteries, in the last picture / diagram…

Any dimensions on this?? Like how tall?

My thought/question on tbis is if its more of a bathroom sink fixture or a kitchen sink feature. I’d hope if its for the kitchen it has someway to leav water running when washing dishes and that 4 double a’s last a good time or the next offer should include some rechargeable batteries.

Oops same one on amazon for less.

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UPDATE: Faucet height is 16-5/8"

If you just click through the pictures it is made quite clear how many, what type, and where the battery compartment is.

Forgive my ignorance, but I can’t find anything online related to a brand name of FLOW for faucets or otherwise.

That said, I can see pictures of a faucet that, to my eyes, looks identical from Moen. Can a mod clarify for me before I buy? If this is a Moen, I’ll buy, but I won’t jump if it is some off/unknown brand that has no real business presence that I can determine.

anyone know if you can install this in a bathroom sink? are the holes the same size as a kitchen sink?

The warranty link actually contains some installation info and specs.

And most quality faucets have a lifetime warranty. This has a woefully short 1 year warranty.


Linked manual refers to BioBidet.

I need this. But looking at the manual it says when you wave your hand it runs for 3 minutes. Is that configurable? seems like a long time for washing hands or a small object. The only other way to use it would be to pull down on the end which turns on the water immediately. so unless you are spraying something in the sink you’re going to leave a trail of water.

Yes, I’m lazy enough that I want a faucet that I don’t have to pull down on the lever, but I’m also a procrastinator and now they are out.

You turn it on when you wave your hand in front of it and you turn it off the same way. It will.stop after 3 mins, but you can easily stop it by just activating the sensor again. It only takes 4AA batteries, and we love it!!