FLOW Hands Free Motion Sensing Faucets

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Thanks for that heads up. Can you tell me, say from the middle of the faucet handle, how far back the handle measures for hot? Thank you.

I have something similar to this. One potential problem: my cats like to drink from the faucet and can turn it on by putting their heads in the right spot while trying to lick the nozzle. Cats have zero motivation to turn the water off again after they have turned it on.

These things really should have a timed auto shutoff. 1 minute after turn on they should just turn off. That way if pets activate the thing you won’t come home from a weeks vacation with a $4k water bill.

what does metallic waterway mean? Is the base material brass like most good faucets?

Just measured mine and it’s about 3-1/8" from the 12 o’clock position.

They turn off after 3 minutes according to the instructions but I have never tested mine.

We love ours and I would have ordered another one today except they are sold out. However, one day while we were in another room we heard the water start running and found it had turned on by itself. We have no pets that could have triggered it. We do have some construction going on so possibly some reflection fooled it though I cannot see how. It only happened once so far in a couple of months of ownership.