Flow Wall

I considered this when it was on Woot, and then decided to buy regular retail store slatwall, which goes for about $70-80 (white) at a store that sells retail fixtures. And then you can use anything designed for standard slatwall. Frequently stores have going-out-of-business sales and you pick up slatwall hooks for next to nothing. I covered an entire 7’x8’ wall with two sheets - the excess got used around the workbench area. This works great in our garage for jackets, hats, umbrellas, bags - basically all the on-the-go stuff. Looks great too.

yeah the wall seems expensive but so does the hooks and bins. I don’t see any reason why they should be that much.

Standard retail slatwall baskets cost $5-6 new. Hooks are less than $1 each and are rated for 35-40 pounds each. The system here is somewhat heavier duty but very few things are that heavy.

Are these compatible with slatwalls?