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This is something I could really make use of. It’s like a Chia pet, but actually a flower. I am in no way a Green Thumb, however this looks like it would be pretty hard to mess up.

Hey Woot! It needs to be said that Dalias are NOT perennial flowers for a lot of people in the USA unless the bulbs are dug up and brought inside for the winter. I am in a USDA Zone 6, and they do not come back every year here, it gets too cold in winter.

Here’s the product website if you want to talk to them later today:

Um, I presume one would bring the entire “rock” indoors for the winter.

I wonder if these would grow if I put on my desk at work. Wouldn’t mind having something other than bamboo plants on my desk.

They need a very sunny spot to grow. Try a pothos for your desk. They do well with low light, irregular watering & also have been shown to help indoor air quality (from what I’ve read).

I am afraid these would be annuals in South Florida, where the heat could certainly fry them.

In what is likely 95% of the country you have to take these out of the dirt and “winter over” indoors. There’s plenty of info on the web on the process.
I grew several dozen dahlias in a large bed for years - but they got to be too much of a PITA, and I would typically lose about 30%% in “wintering over” (but - the bulbs will “multiply” (you have to split them , a delicate process in itself) so the total bulb count was usually a wash)

You’ll want to dead-head these to keep the blooms coming.

No - they do not smell nice.

Rather pricey for what you’re getting IMO - there are FAR more attractive varieties for $5-6 a bulb for really fancy ones, and you can pick the pot of your choice. But then - you’ll have to go through all that work to move 5 cups of dirt…

Many regions have “dahlia clubs” - consider checking one out for the most healthy plants you can get, and unique varieties.

These things needs SERIOUS ground to grow in - I’d use a much larger pot than this if I was to pot them at all - but I am guessing this is a dwarf varietal.

Amazing how they got the yellow, pink, and red flowers to grow exactly the same. (I think the red image is the real one)

I think it’s the pink one. Look at the buds in the back.
And the leaves are a different color on the pink plant. They are a bit lighter than the other two.

how tall do the dahlias grow?

Depending on your region (zone) the Dahlia Flowerocks can either be left out all year round or must be brought indoors to winterize and then returned outside the next Spring to re-bloom. If this is done, the flowers will naturalize and return for consecutive seasons. That said, I live in Zone 7 and the dahlias I left out all winter are growing back! It wasn’t a rough winter in New York! FYI: Flowerocks come with a simple set of instructions that address this issue.

These are a dwarf variety of Dahlias; they spread out to around 15" and grow around 12" - 18" high.

Yes, that’s true - the rocks need to either be brought in for the winter or can be left outside, depending on what zone you live in.

The rocks come with instructions on how to winterize depending on zone - that said, we live in Zone 6 and the Dahlia Flowerock I left outside on my deck all winter is growing back - but technically, I should have cut down the stems and brought it indoors.

Yes, the entire rock can be brought indoors and put in a cool, dark place such as a garage or basement until the next season, when it should be returned outside to bloom again.

The rocks can be grown indoors provided they have enough natural sunlight and are watered once a week (also, you’d have to put a tray underneath for the water drainage), however, this particular Flowerock would be a bit large for a desktop! We will have smaller Flowerocks available next Spring that be better suited for indoor use.

You’re right - it is the pink one! We are going to have new photography done of all three colors in the next couple of weeks - sorry!

These are intriguing and I would love to try one, but it’s a bit pricy for me right now. I look forward to hearing more about them, though. Interesting idea, and I LOVE dahlias!