Fluently Sarcastic

Awesome! Thank you all so much for voting! Woah, that was a really close derby!

I love this. But I wish your shirts came in a vee neck option
Thank you

Congrats in such a tight race, krittiekae - the whole fog is 7 votes apart. Craziest contest I’ve seen in years.

Right? Man, this could be anyone’s game at this point. I saw a lot of vote-shifting too – vote counts dropping near the end. Definitely a crazy derby.

Congrats on winning the most competitive derby I’ve seen on shirt.woot yet!

Oh yeah, this shirt is a great idea.

Way to go KK!

Congratulations on the big win, Kriticae! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There were a lot of really fun shirts in this one… which is probably what made the voting so close. :slight_smile:

I speak fluent sarcasm - all four dialects, in fact.

Nice design… Too bad the shirts have gone to the stratosphere in regards to price.

I mean $15 for shirt is barely competitive in the marketplace… And $19 for a reprint is just absolutely crazy.

Some of my favorite shirts have come from woot… And I have ordered re-ordered my favorites several times… But unfortunately I’ll be having to look for a new site with more reasonable prices.

I hope the artistic derby continues for the sake of the artists, because obviously is not for the sake of the consumers anymore.

But I digress…

Congratulations on the win and it is a fantastic design!