Fluid Dynamics

You can almost feel the water. Amazing!


Nice job, Patrick!

For those wondering…it’s a marble!

splash doesn’t look very realistic, but nice texture for the water

Patrickspens not only has done a great job with capturing the look of the water mid splash, but that odd, yellow cat’s eyes look that the middle of marbles often have.

Not two seconds before this shirt was released, I facebooked how I was unable to escape the physics. Damn you, Woot, I know I have fluid dynamics homework to do! You don’t need to publish a shirt to remind me of that :frowning:

But still, this is a gorgeous design and I’m probably going to get it anyway

It’s amazing! I felt the water!

Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe

Judging by the displaced water, I’m venturing to say that the marble entered the surface at a velocity higher than that of just gravity.

Is is just me or does that look like a Dragon Ball?

The write-up for this is absolutely gorgeous. It makes me wish I hadn’t lost all my marbles ages ago.

You know what I mean. XD

Hello shirt.woot. Excellent design accompanied by a pleasant suited for the holidays parable. Nice.

This makes zero sense, just fyi.

So where’s the math? Name doesn’t count in my book.

As I understand it, gravity is a force, which can cause an acceleration on an object such as a marble, and the acceleration can cause the marble to increase in velocity until it reaches terminal velocity… are you saying it appears to have entered the water at a velocity greater than terminal velocity?

I think it would be better if the design was larger. It doesn’t take up enough of the shirt for my taste

This write up makes me think of Frog and Toad! Simply briliant. Once again I wish that somehow the write up was ON the shirt…

I generally don’t comment on non-product things here, but I have to agree with the others… the copy here was absolutely bril.

I love this guys shirt designs. I’ve already got 2 of them and I’d jump on this if I weren’t completely broke.