Fly Racing Trekker Dual Sport Helmet, S-XXL

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Fly Racing Trekker Dual Sport Helmet, S-XXL
Price: $84.99
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A Tools & Garden essential!

I really, really, really want this. But, alas, I am really, really, really broke. Darn you, Woot.

Hey, you never know.

One minute it’s all “Hey yeh durned punks! Get offa my lawn!”

Next thing you know, those little punks have upped the ante from mere lawn-steppers to full-fledged paintball-assault.

…it happens! I swear.

Both the 2011 model and the 2014 model seem to have good customer reviews, but I can’t seem to find the 2013, the one here on Woot, anywhere.



I would assume 2013’s about the same, but who knows, it might have been a bad year for bike helmets.

That is what it would look like if Darth Vader got an upgrade.

Yeah, I was thinking this + green spray paint would be great for some Halo cosplay.

Finally, the protection I need when using a hammer.

Good Review >> Fly Trekker Helmet - webBikeWorld

Does anyone know if this comes with the visor eliminator kit?

It the attachment points for the visor when you remove it for highway trips.

And a hoe.

I know you are wondering, so Yes, this will work with the Trikke under kids.woot

That trike is only for kids! I already ordered it for myself!

Also forgot to grab this helmet… so now I gotta spend another $5. d0h

Bee hive removal helmet!

Extreme Gardening!

I think this could turn into a woot! shirt.

I have this helmet in white and paid a LOT more than this. I’m not sure why there’s a “kit” to eliminate the visor… you can just take it off just fine without a kit or special tools other than a coin. I wound up putting it back on, even for highway riding because my short windscreen creates a wind pocket for me. You notice it most when you turn your head at speeds, but it isn’t too bad. The helmet is well vented, has removable cheek pads, and fits well with glasses. Its designed to accommodate goggles, giving it a very wide field of view which I find very nice on the highway. That said: I wouldn’t recommend buying ANY helmet without knowing it will fit your melon shape.

I personally wouldn’t buy a helmet unless it is SNELL rated. DOT test isn’t that rigorous (10 ft guided drop test), and ECE is an unguided drop test. SNELL does more rigorous testing which keeps you safer in my opinion.

How much does it weigh? If it’s heavy it’s likely to affect one’s balance. Thanks!

I think this is the same one:

It has two positive reviews.