Fly Racing Trekker Dual Sport Helmet, S-XXL

“Dual Sport Helmet”

I guess if you aren’t sure what either of the sports are then you don’t need one.

I know it’s been brought up already…why is this in Tools and Garden? Well, this is one of the reasons I don’t come back and buy as often as I used too. This item even has the word ‘sport’ in it’s description and it isn’t at sport.woot

the old WOOT! dies a little more every day

A Dual Sport is a type of motorcycle…

I suppose that is one way of looking at it, but I choose to look at it as something being in the wrong category maybe sure, but a category that didn’t exist at all back in the day, so even if something isn’t a good fit, I’ll take more categories.

I’ve got this same helmet in white with a blue shield. I love it, it looks killer.

Only complaints are its a little loud over 50 and the visor removal is a pain (have to remove 4 screws and it has lock tabs you have to pop off.

Its got a cool feature that you can wear goggles underneath the shield if you want to.

Then why did they change the requirements to be more inline with the other standards?

I can’t recommend this helmet. I was in a mild low speed crash and had severe brain trauma. Doctor said it appeared that I had not been wearing a very good helmet.

Got a nicer MX helmet and have crashed much harder and more often with it on and no problems to date.

Then again my memory is off since the brain injury…

Kind of a crazy idea, but have you considered not banging the heck out of your head?

ordered two helmets, only received one. Woot has failed me the last three orders, I think this may have been the last straw

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