Fly the Furry Skies



This exact same shirt only $15 after today:


Happy to see this one made it! I love this shirt!


Congrats on the 2nd place, Patch!


WOOOOT! Congrats!


Second place had 447 votes? Holy smokes. Fifth place had 429. So tomorrow IS going to be a bit of a surprise.


Congrats on the win. Love the blueprint, love the hampster, love the shirt color.


Grats Patch!


I love this design, but don’t like the color, if this was black print on a grey shirt I’d be all over it.


Sorry to be the engineer on this one, but once the poor little guy gets going, he will be spit out of the propulsion system. He needs a cone shield in front of him, otherwise I would buy it.




haha, i thought the same thing (Mech Engineer)

but it got the better of me and i still ordered one


LOL! yeah i’m an engineering major and i noticed that too…but who cares.

lawl if woot made it hoho again.


Maybe it is designed that way as a new and improved mouse trap.


wtg patch!


congrats Patch! In for one, it’s actually my first woot shirt. I was hoping it would be a derby one, woo hoo!


congrats patch. I got my furry hamster, yea!


Blue shirts suck to about 90% of any coolnes from the original shirt… this shirt automatically sucks by 90% more … by just BEING blue… bad form… bad grades.


Whoa, didn’t expect that to get second, it’s a funny and nice design. Congrats :slight_smile:


It’s definitely cute. I’d get it but I’m over my Woot shirt quota for this month.