Flying Water Balloon

Great use of color and shading!

Seems like a killer (whale) date. :tongue:
Surprised this didn’t place, good editor’s pick.

Patrickspens does it again.

I’m starting to get to the point where I can identify Patrickspens shirts from the thumbnail in the Woot daily email.

I always think ‘Time to fork over another (well worth it) $15’…

I really should write a script to auto-buy a premium men’s large if Patrickspens is the artist.

Good job, editors. No idea how this wasn’t first, second and third place. Oh, and good job Mr.P. Pens…I guess you get some credit for making this thing.

I could’ve used that several years ago! I’m pretty sure I have over 80 of his designs.

The only thing consistent with the voting is the inconsistency. Nothing is ever certain.