FM Auto Scan Radio



LMAO, i think this is the funniest description i’ve ever read.


Does it at least have a screen?


God, you guys crack me up! Almost worth buying one of these awful things just because of the description. Almost.


Wait, does it come with the wrist strap?


Buy em now, and save some poor sucker from getting these in their Bag of Crap!


Wow, Woot was right. This is absolutely horrible. I can’t believe I’m passing up a penny woot, but good night.


Maybe if they were 10 for $0.01 …


There is no way it would have a screen, its just a hunk of plastic that may sometimes play a radio signal.


I see one use and one use only for these. If you go to the gym a lot, these would be perfect for listening to the tvs while on the treadmill or cycles. My gym has 7 or 8 tvs each with its own radio frequency. Usually I just listen to my mp3 player but every once in a while I want to listen to a show they have on one of the tvs. In that case, one of these radios would work perfectly.


Yup it does! And that alone is so worth it.


Why on earth do I want to buy this? I have MP3 players with radios already.

Oh yeah, it’s only a penny, that’s why.

Woot on!


my order wont go through :frowning: 5 mins still processing.
oh well


These are soooo 80’s… I love it!


The inevitable questions…

Is it Mac compatible?

Does it work with Vista?

NOW… I can go to bed.


Your no BS descriptions make you that much more of a respectable e-tailer. I commend you for knowing your clientèle enough to not try and pawn these off on us as another bad-A gadget to wear on our utility belts.
Of course, my friends and family still blame you for my insomnia…


I have no idea how the quality of these radios are, but I’ve gotten freebie scan radios before (much smaller), and they were okay in getting signals. The best thing was they were great at finding npr (usually one of the first stations you’ll pick up). If I was still working outside regularly like I used to, I would get 3, but since I’m normally inside in an area where radio signals are impossible to get, think I’ll have to pass… on second though, maybe I’ll get 3. :slight_smile:


Either I’m cured of my woot addiction, or this woot really, really blows. :stuck_out_tongue:


i think the wrist strap is worth more than the rest by alot



Just for kicks, why DON’T you dig up those E.T. cartridges? And sell them for $0.01? Dirt and all. I’d buy 3.

It would be great free publicity for woot too.