FMD By Fossil Mystery 3-Pack Watches

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FMD By Fossil Mystery 3-Pack Watches
Price: $11.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Mar 13 to Wednesday, Mar 18) + transit
Condition: New


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But I don’t want a watch, even a dirt cheap one.

i got one for mens and one for women. I love buying mystery stuff. lol.

If I didn’t just buy two watches an hour ago I would of snatched this deal up.

Some of those examples in the picture don’t look like leather or metal straps to me…

What kind of watches? Heart rate watches?

It’s 3 for tuesday! Take that, other watches!

Question: Will they watches be different styles, are they actually “3 packs”, or is it just 3 random watches?

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In for 2, but will these watches come in the fossil tins?

Like Powerlock I bought a men’s set and a women’s set. Six watches for $30 isn’t much at all. Will they be Rolex’s no. I just hope they are real Fossil watches as it says in the description, just hope they work.

Here’s a link from a few years ago:

Can I check my Email on them?

Time for some mystery watches. In for both gender sets.

That was a sponsored sale, not ran by woot. The comments about receiving fake Fossils is not geared towards Woot. If the description says Fossil on woot (it does), it will be a Fossil.

Woohoo! Now I can replace the Fossil watch my dad broke when taking the back off to replace the battery. Thanks, Woot!

Specs list 3-pack of random FMD by Fossil watches

Each single order should include 3 random FMD by Fossil watches:

Ah great, now 6 more watches I have to set forward an hour!!!

Oh ok, because we all were wondering…

This is confusing me. What is an FMD? Is that just a style name that Fossil gave these? Or is it an acronym?

Also, the description had me wondering if these are not complete watches and that there is something wrong with them. Like:

“Some watches may have crystals”

That sounds like it isn’t a complete watch. And the rest of the description is kind of confusing to me as well. I was just hoping someone here could explain this to me.

I have owned a few Fossil watches and enjoy their 11-year warranty. I wouldn’t might getting in on this as well, but I wanna make sure I know what I am getting. Thanks.

Did a little lookin’ up on the web. Here is a selection of Fossil FMD watches. Looks like they are not top tier.

Yikes. You could end up with a pretty c-rappy, ugly grab bag of watches.

Makes more sense to just buy ONE watch that you really like instead of 3 that you probably feel bad even gifting to a stranger. Close to the same price in the end…