FNA Electric Pressure Washers

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FNA Electric Pressure Washers
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1/29/2014 - $69.99 - 99.99 - 23 comment(s)

Remember, safety first!

I own one of these washers…actually it’s the 1800 psi washer but it’s very similar. I also own a gas pressure washer with 3500 PSI. I use the FNA electric for light duty chores and the gas washer for heavy duty work.

As I see it, there is no need to buy fuel (at $3.50/gal) and put up with the noise created by the gas washer when the chore can be accomplished with the light duty washer. I use the electric when washing patio furniture, pool cover and weight boxes, windows, siding, washing the cars, mower and large garden tools and any other light duty chores. I use the gas washer for jobs that require higher PSI.

I love using the electric, as there is no pull starting or gas to deal with. As long as you understand that there are certain limitations to the lighter duty electrics, you will love using it. The best feature is the price…$79 compared to four or five hundred for a gas washer.

After coming back from Europe, the gf had been nagging me for a bidet. I found a few for several hundred dollars and was about to order for Valentine’s Day. Then I saw this on Woot. More power for less money! Can’t go wrong… Not being very technical, she probably won’t be able to tell the difference. But my wallet can. And it’ll teach her a lesson for nagging. Hah! Thanks Woot.

You also won’t have to put up with the gas fumes, which can be noxious. That means that these pressure washers are safe to use indoor. Being asthmatic, the lack of fumes is why I prefer electric snow blowers to gas ones.

At 15 amps, these should be plug into an outlet with no other major appliances. Many older residences have wiring that maxes out at 15 amps (remember those blue fuses?). High amp motors also produces a lot of power surges so make sure you have plug sensitive electronic equipment into surge protectors before turning this on. But do NOT plug thus into a surge protector because it’ll destroy the protector (this is true of other high amp motorized devices too, i.e. paper shredders, fridges, air conditioners, vacuums).

If you have a reason to use a pressure washer indoors, gasoline fumes are easily the least of your problems.

Come on Woot! Ace hardware has a 1600 psi on sale this month for $69.99.
http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4283517 with free pickup.

Has anyone used this to make snow?

Mixed reviews on Amazon

Using one of these, there is no doubt that your girl friend will find the experience cleansing. However, it may leave her with a hollow feeling inside and may leave you with the need to find another gf.

Amazon’s reviews on that are a bit better too


Saw it today at walmart for the same price… It would be cheaper for me to buy it in person. I pay tax any place I go so yea… Thumbs down woot.

My garage has drainage .so I wash stuff in the garage all the time

What is “1 year warranty” KMS?

I bought one and just tried to use it. Mine is defective and cannot assemble the wand part because the thread connection is stripped.