Foam-Backed Blackout Panel Pair

Foam-Backed Blackout Panel Pair

Any more info, such as a manufacturer or pictures of the backside?

Good morning. Sorry but we don’t have more photos. The manufacturer is J&V textiles.

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I pulled up the page code so I could get the actual photo, which let me do an image search for it.

I found the same photo at Orren Ellis Ravenna Polyester Room Darkening Curtain Pair & Reviews | Wayfair

Price there is $34.99, but they don’t have any more pictures either, other than (mostly poor-quality) customer-provided pictures. Reviews are largely good. Most complaints are that they aren’t that good at blocking light and some colors aren’t accurate, but most seem to think they look nice. Some complain that they are stiff, but they are intended for blackout, which requires some density. Because of the majority of positive reviews, seems likely the issues are due to manufacturing, and blocking ability may vary with the color. The reviews don’t indicate the color, unless the customer specified - which they usually didn’t.


Wayfair says theirs are an inch wider.

If you wash these foam backed curtains,. And are not careful, the foam material will stick together and when pulling apart, get damaged in not cared for correctly. All the curtains I purchased like this,. No matter what, had to be thrown out after washing. :flushed::disappointed:

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Any recommendation for a curtain rod for these?

I bought this one a couple months ago:


Perfect, bought both

Just received burgundy. No, they will not completely ‘blackout’ all lights. Foam backing isn’t dense enough to block the light and fabric isn’t dense either. So you get speckles of light sipping through. I got this to block light from window reflecting to TV so I think it will serve the purpose and definitely will darken the room better than just using blinds. NOTE: it’s not as wide as you think it is. The width is measured as flat and it will be installed as you see in the pic. Make sure you account for the ‘curve’.


They definitely aren’t blackout curtains. Light blocking to some extent, yes, but they aren’t making anything “movie theater dark”. The sunlight through my window is filtered through a huge elm, and it’s still fairly bright through the curtains.

Despite being sold as blackout curtains, they’re not. They’re light blocking drapes.
I bought one blackout drape from Aldi last fall for the same price as two of these. They are not the same colour. I’d switch around what I have but I am almost five feet tall. My balance is so bad, I can’t even get on a step stool :frowning_face:

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