Fog Lights

So, no picture of the product installed, just a photoshopped truck with fake fog lamps?

Just curious, as the fog lights are flaring like you are looking directly into them, but the headlamps aren’t flaring at all like they are pointing in a direction just off to the left of the viewer, which is where the fog lamps should be pointing too if they were properly installed.

These are typical 55W “Blazer” type lights (or their clones). Note that they don’t specify wattage but bulb type (H3). I’ve overdriven these with 100W bulbs and they’re okay, but you can get them off the shelf at WallyMart for less than $13.

Looks like the same lights on amazon are the same price or cheaper when you add in the woot shipping.

Please throw some LED 6" and 4" round fogs up!

I passed your request on to the buyer. Thanks!

Awesome, Thanks. My Jeep’s new bumper looks empty.

Just got mine. A little disappointed that the website lists the condition as “new,” and both the sets I ordered were in half opened packaging with the mounting hardware already attached and some of the wires from the lights were cut and stripped. I know what returned merchandise looks like.

I’m really sorry about that, if you haven’t already, please email into, hopefully they’ll be able to make it right for you.