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Congratulations, Sokowa!

Asphalt. Yay

Oh yeah, the one I’ve really been waiting for. This shirt rocks, I love it. So dark! First derby that I’ve purchased all 3, but this is my favorite for the panic derby. Congrats on 3rd! 3.7 just shows my love for this shirt. Shirts like this are my favorite, nice and dark. I love the dark colors on asphalt, looks great!

GRATS SOKO!!! great shirt and wonderful to see you got printed!! WTG!

Very bought, my fourth shirt.woot.

capsized eh…

I like the colours, and it about describes my life. :smiley:

I really like how the dragon-beast thing is coming out of the fog… a very good shirt for Halloween. xD


Oh my god that is so sweet.
but I have way to many asphalt shirts already, and I think it would look better as a print. Besides that, killer design. congrats!

Congrats Soko. Great design.

Sokowa: Great shirt.

Woot: Thanks for posting a link to the party pictures, especially the one of Sokowa. :slight_smile:

Love the drawing… wish the design was offset, though. I just think it would have looked amazing in the lower right corner rather than centered. Congrats are in order however. Terrific drawing!


Congratulations Sokowa!!! See, you didn’t even need my vote! I hope your design does well!!!

Thanks, in for 1

sweet. good for a halloween party. in for one with the overnight, since smartpost is da dyson. :wink:

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to comment on the asphalt. It only took four comments.

Thanks everyone!
This drawing style made it feel like I was painting rather than drawing. Much more relaxing than my usual “must have every line perfect” designs. Hope people make up their own stories to the design, that’s when I know I did something right :slight_smile:
(and sorry to the people that are tired of asphalt. I tried other colors but nothing sets the mood quite like dreary gray.)

I <3 Sokowa!!