Foggy Bridge Columbia Valley Riesling (6)

Foggy Bridge Columbia Valley Riesling 6-Pack
$49.99 $132.00 62% off List Price
2007 Foggy Bridge Winery Tradewinds Riesling, Columbia Valley
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screwtops last forever, so this might be an interesting old riesling.

heck 2007 was before the riesling boom in america.

C’mon Woot! You can buy it cheaper directly from Amazon.

the amazon site doesn’t ship to tx, and others, that woot does, but that is most likely just a shortcoming of that site, as it’s (as i understand) the winery that has to go through the rigmarole of being able to ship to each state.

also, yeah, boooo woot, boooo. you’re supposed to be the cheapestest.

looks like a sixer to the places amazon does ship would come up to $53.19 with shipping

You are 100% correct, $57.99 for a six pack from Amazon shipped to my door in socal.

This is bad woot! If I check Amazon tomorrow and the price is now higher there and the woot offer is not lower I’m going to have some serious issues with you guys.

whoa… ok. hold on just a cotton pickin’ minute.

stand by…

Thanks, WD! I shot you an email a little bit ago. :slight_smile:

funny thing is this stuff is pretty tasty. i mean who goes and tastes aged riesling ??

but that’s also how you find some gems.

really good price now boys and girls.

Updated! Price dropped to $49.99. Everyone thank WD and buy ALL the Riesling!

yes, now doing it for the love of the game… it happens… :slight_smile:

That 69.99 was ridiculous Woot… especially considering the wine is 3 yrs past its drinking window.

I’m actually considering buying but I’m a little wary of the age.

NY is not on the list but it is shaded on the map so I thought I’d give this a try but the only shipping option I see is a $10 upcharge for summer shipping, no standard shipping included, is this correct?

Drinking window…?
There are some excellent old Rieslings out there, well beyond 7~8 years from vintage.

In 2012 we had a case offer for 2007 Radog finished in cork for about $8/btl. I still have some and when last consumed, about a year ago, was evolving nicely. I’ll likely finish off the case in the next couple years or so.

Later, another offer March of '14, also from Dan Tudor for 2007 Nacina Riesling finsihed with a Stelvin.
Nice discussion regarding the closure there as well.

I’d not be at all worried at the age for this, especially with the Stelvin.

Hey mods and WD;
Can you check on the RS number?

The text states “*lively palate is balanced by a very slight residual sweetness.” * but given the stated spec of “Residual Sugar: 0.01 g/L” there is no way sweetness, from sugar, would be perceived.
Perhaps this is correctly 10g/L?
That would be a reasonable number.

Thanks for standing by your motto WD. It’s one of the reasons why I keep coming by.

Edit: and of course checking Amazon this morning their promotional price is gone. I’m not suprised in the least bit by this.

Standard shipping is included and it’s not quite summer yet so summer shipping should not be an option.

After the price change from last night, it appears that there was an error in Event Setup.
I’m sending a email now to investigate.
We appreciate the heads up.

[UPDATE: Last night’s price change didn’t appear to cause the issue. According to Wine Staff, expedited shipping has been offered for the last 7 months, yet there is an issue with it still reading “Expedited Summer Shipping”.]

It appears that the sale is sold out, however I will also investigate the RS and ask Wine Crew if they have any further information.

I’ll post here once I hear back from them.

This does taste like it is 7 years old of date, just like an old shoe. Please don’t judge Riesling by this stuff.