Foggy Bridge Pinot Noir (4)

Foggy Bridge Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$96.99 $172.99 44% off List Price
2008 Foggy Bridge Winery Pinot Noir, Bien Nacido Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley
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Previous offer of Foggy Bridge 3-bottle sample pack, which included the '08 Pinot Noir.

Between today’s offer and the plus deal there’s a lot of pinot for sale today!

I went and checked out the wineries website. I clicked purchase on the pinot and It took me straight to the amazon listing for it. This is the first time I’ve seen a winery solely sell their wine online thru amazon.

There is also this from their home page which made me scratch my head. The last thing I want in my wine is urban.

"Our wines
are crafted to reflect an urban sensibility. Our goal is to deliver excellent quality for a price that works for a casual dinner at home as well as a night out at your local neighborhood hotspot. Clean, contemporary and delicious - wines that work for your urban lifestyle. "

how do you determine where the wine can be shipped? I live in Maryland and we now allow shipments of wine. A few days ago, you had a wine where MD was listed, but this sale, MD is not listed. On the site you have in the write up ( it shows Maryland as allowing shipments.
Why do you show MD sometime and not others??

It varies winery to winery. Each winery need to buy licenses, stay under a certain production #s, or any other BS requirement that states create on whims.

So this is an Amazon exclusive wine being sold at a discount to the Amazon price. The Amazon price for three is $114 and a single bottle is $38, so for would be $152. With $0.01 shipping if you buy 6.

I guess I’m not the target consumer for this urban trend wine - being an old suburban wino.

Sigh. This all screams MARKETING not winemaking or wine quality to me.

Also keep in mind there are cases where wooters have noticed that amazon raises the price of an item during a woot sale or it’s mysteriously not available. I’m not saying that’s happened with this wine, but I know a ton* of electronic prices I track on Amazon shoot up the day it’s on woot, and then go back down after to make a false sense of “discount” for people making a decision the day of the woot. Someone should remember to check this amazon price in about 3-4 weeks and see if it’s still really $38.

*Probably an overstatement to say a ton, because I don’t check most prices before and after on Amazon…just a handful of the times I was familiar with the price that’s the pattern I noticed. It doesn’t take many of those observations to become incredibly jaded.

Amazon is using woot as a discounter. So this makes sense for normal goods. For wine it makes zero sense because it’s supposed to be winery direct. Pricing set by wineries.

Only 7 states lit up, but only 11 ship-to states today.

Someone yesterday (I think it was) was complaining no NY shipping, and that’s the same today. Hope we’re not seeing the return of that madness.

We used to have our own online store but we closed it when we figured out we could sell online with better results through Amazon, the #1 online platform in the world.

As for wines made with an urban lifestyle, we make food friendly wines that are balanced. Urban lifestyle wine consumers generally enjoy wine with a meal. We contrast this with wineries that make wine to satisfy the critics.