Foggy Bridge Zinfandel (3)

Foggy Bridge Zinfandel 3-Pack
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2009 Zinfandel, San Francisco Bay
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So, there’s not that much info out there on this one. Anyone know if it’s a jammy fruit bomb zin, or luscious, super concentrated zin, or a peppery zin?

Curious about this wine. North of the bay near Petaluma is a very cool climate. Judging by the high alc this vineyard must be east or south of the bay. Also the case production is nice and low so Losthighwayz should buy this and tell me what he thinks.

It is NOT a jammy fruit bomb. It is a balanced Zin that is food friendly with a smooth finish and lighter tannins. You will love it.

The fruit was grown in Livermore, which is south-east of the bay. Hot days and cool nights make for very interesting flavorful I wines.

Thanks for the update. Do you have any additional specs to share? pH, TA, RS, cooperage, etc…

170 cases this was made for Lost!

Hmm, I would consider Livermore to be due east of the bay, myself. Sounds like a nice zin, though.

Depends on which bay is being referrbed to. Due east of San Francisco Bay; southeast of San Pablo Bay.