Foldable Adirondack Chair

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Foldable Adirondack Chair
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4.3 Stars at Overstock

Got a couple of these a few years ago at the local hardware store. I chose to paint them because they take some weather here in Wyoming and I’m not good about putting them away for the winter. Anyway, they’re comfortable, a little low so big old people have a little trouble climbing up out of them. But they’re solid enough and have held up fine.

[list][]After a few weeks, you’ll need to go back and tighten the hex screws (used at pivot points). So keep the wrench handy.
]I put glue on the edge of each hole the wood screws would go into. I remain convinced that that was a good idea.
[]There are many many surfaces to paint or stain here. Many. For at least the first coat of primer or stain/varnish/poly, I think it would be a good idea to apply before assembly. This means painting then hanging to dry, but after a second coat and a few summers, I’m still noticing surfaces I missed. When folded, I see still more.
]It probably took me about 4 hours to assemble both, plus painting time. Of course the second one went faster, but there’s a lot of sorting out parts and gluing all those screws, plus I didn’t want to use my power drill for fear of stripping out a hole or a screw head in this softwood, so I just turned 'em by hand. But there was beer involved too so not so bad.[/list]

These look exactly like mine but who knows? Still, I paid about $50 back then, and they included a foot rest.

How is the back angle on these?

I also have a couple of these. As the previous poster stated, there are a lot of ‘hidden’ areas that I missed with the sealer. I wish I would have thought to seal the pieces before putting them together.

Anyway, I think these chairs are VERY comfortable. As for the back angle, its personal preference. If I’m remembering correctly, and at least on mine, you can select a few different angles by lifting the arm rests…they have little pegs with 2 or 3 slots (angles) you can choose from. I cant remember how much I paid, but I would say $40 is definitely worth it.

What the…I just bought 2 of these chairs HERE last month at $52.99 each and now you’re offering them for $39.99?

That’s a huge markdown and I’m not happy…

How tall is the back of the chair? One reviewer on overstock said that her (5’8") and her husband (6’1") were too tall and their heads go over the top of the chair so you can’t use it at as headrest.

On this same idea, how high would you say your head is off the ground? Could you see over a 3 foot porch railing? 4 foot?

Thanks in advance.

How is the quality on this? I’ve purchased some cheapies in the past from local hardware stores and they really couldn’t hold up. I am not a big person but I’ve had them crack the moment my butt hit them.

My husband has built 2 of these from scratch. We were wondering what are the specs on the actual wood and if it is pressure treated outdoor material?

So the wood is bare? I can just stain and poly right out of the box? or is there some kind of clear finish I will have to sand off?

The length of the back is 29" and the overall height of the chair from the ground to the top of the middle slat on the back rest is just shy of 35".

It would of course depend on the height of the person sitting in the chair, but your head would roughly be at 3 ft.

The quality is good - It’s made of Fir Wood, the hardware is galvanized steel and can hold up to 300 lbs.

You would think they would show a picture of it folded too. Hey, is that bird poop on the middle slat?

I do not believe the wood is pressure treated. It is an outdoor material (Chinese cedar) and can be treated with any wood stains/finishes.

It is ready to stain right out of the box. I used a polyurethane and it looks great - but your local hardware store can recommend a finish for you if you need help with that.

It is a standard back angle for an Adirondack chair. Approx 30 degrees.

Mixed reviews (3.7/5; 138 reviews) at Amazon.

Pretty relaxed. Like, you’re tipped back far enough that you need to lean forward a little to keep from spilling when you take a drink. Or keep it in the bottle.

Mine do not have this feature. They pivot at the front of the armrest, but don’t adjust. This imageis how mine fold.

That was enough to convince me to avoid.

Mixed reviews (3.7/5; 138 reviews) at Amazon.