Foldable Adirondack Chair

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Foldable Adirondack Chair
Price: $41.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, May 19 to Monday, May 22) + transit
Condition: New


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That looks like a beautiful, comfortable chair for the price!

If bought as is and kept outside without staining, will this get ruined in the rain?

You’ll definitely want to seal this chair if you’re leaving it out with a possibility of being rained on.
Hemlock won’t hold up very well and could discolor, rot, or get moldy.

If you want to keep it looking natural, you can apply a clear poly or varnish.

If this is the same put-it-together-yourself chair I bought two years ago, avoid it. You will never be able to get the pieces lined up correctly. I gave up after a few hours of fruitless assembly. Total waste of money.

I finished two of them last year with bright red paint in high gloss and they are gorgeous. It did take forever to finish all the pieces and assemble (I used three coats and sanded between coats) but they are wonderful chairs. I can see why a finished chair like this can cost several hundred dollars. It’s a time investment.

Buying two more today.

We bought a couple of these a few years back. Sealed all of the pieces prior to assembly. Left outside ever since. The folding and multi position seatback angle make it less solid feeling than other chairs. It is comfy though.

You get what you pay for. The ones we bought over a year ago had hardware issues the heads on bolts easily were stripped. There were several spots on the arms that wouldn’t stain well because of the wood fillers used. Not especially sturdy and one has already broken and became firewood.

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Bought two of these last year. They are not high quality but they have sufficed for the intended purpose. The “folding” part is a joke. They don’t fold enough for them to be stored more conveniently. Be prepared for an adventure in the assembly department!

Read the Amazon reviews. They are the worst I have seen for a product with a lot of review.

I am beginning to get the feeling Amazon is just using Woot to flush their pipes.

Do not buy these. I bought two a couple of years ago. I sealed & assembled them (took HOURS), and within 6 months they were falling apart, and look like they’re decades old.
Do yourself a favor - spend the money for a quality chair. In this case, you don’t even come close to getting what you pay for…

Avoid, cheap, cheap, cheap!

Y’all are depressing. I saw these and was like, wow, those look perfect for our patio at our new house!! Then I read everyone’s comments. Thank you for warning me off, you-bunch-of-buzz-kills-you.

where is the link to the Amazon reviews?

Unless you’re new here, this should be no surprise. Ancient Kindle with on screen ads anyone?

Try this:

The chair only has two legs. I’m unsure how it stays upright.