Foldable Pet Training Crate - 5 Sizes

“This bottom removable plastic pan makes it easy to clean. The divider
confines your puppy to a smaller area for training”

The 3 crates I received don’t have either the plastic pan or the divider. They have painted metal pans and no divider.

I volunteer at the local animal shelter and planned on donating these. Not so much now. With use, the paint will come off and the metal will end up rusting, as we steam clean the pans between animals.

These crates aren’t made as well as most. The wire hooks for holding the ends are poorly designed and wouldn’t restrain an animal for very long. At least I have zip ties for that problem. though. No tools for assembly isn’t very accurate either - I had to bend some of the end panel hooks just to unfold the sides and top.

The metal pans are a show stopper. I don’t need the divider. I hope the return process isn’t as bad as the last time …