Folding Kitchen Cart on Wheels

Folding Kitchen Cart on Wheels

I’ll be honest: I seriously considered buying one of these, but “random color” prevents me from doing so. There are only certain colors that I will put up with in my house.

Sorry, woot.


We had one. The butcher block cracked within a month.

Is there really no way to request a color? Turquoise is kind of a dealbreaker

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I would buy one but I only want the turquoise one

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Correct. Random color.

Did they honor the warranty?

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Reading on the reviews on Amazon it seems that the number one problem is the wooden block splitting on delivery or shortly after delivery. These refurbs could be the wooden block glued back together from the returns of the ones that split apart upon delivery.

Random color is a major dealbreaker.

Same here. I went to pick a color and when I saw “random” I was out.

I ordered one …would be happy happy happy to get the Teal/Aqua/Turquoise colored one!!!

Fingers crossed

I’m 100% in for one if you can (wink wink) sell me the turquoise one “randomly”.

Otherwise, I’m out.

Feel free to DM me.

Did anyone else have this somewhat baffling series of events happen in regards to their order of one of these?

  1. I got a notice that the item shipped. The tracking info from UPS shows that it’s in transit and arriving Monday.
  2. Moments later, I got two emails saying that there was an adjustment to my order and indicated a refund the full amount. I bought only one, but I got this email twice.
  3. Moments after this, I got an email saying Woot was “unable to completely fulfill my order”. This is the only thing I ordered and I only ordered one, so that means the whole order is canceled I guess, except UPS thinks something is arriving Monday.

My “Stuff I Bought” page still shows this as “Shipped” and I don’t see a refund on my card, so . . . what is happening?

Ok, so a funny thing happened…

We weren’t getting tracking from the vendor on a few orders and they were past their ship date. We canceled them after not hearing back from the vendor figuring they were most likely out of inventory. As soon as we hit the button on the cancel/refund, we get the tracking from the vendor which kicks out an email.

Woot! Customer Service will be reaching out to you.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for clearing that up! There was no refund issued to my card that I can see & the charge is still there, so I’d rather not pay for it twice, but once I see a refund go through I’m happy to let them re-charge.

Watch and reach out to customer service if you have questions.

Thank you, they’ve reached out & everything is good to go. Appreciate the help!