Folding Pocket Multi Tool

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New Folding Pocket Multi Tool, for $2.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Pearlessence Pocket Multi-Tool

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Hm, that’s coincidental: I just bought myself an SOG Kilowatt. Can’t wait for it to come in!

Nice, are these allowed on airliners?

As carry-on, of course.

Sure looks a lot like a Leatherman… but there’s a big price difference. Wondering how they compare? Anyone have these?

Negatory. These have knives onboard, so no carry-on. Luggage only, you silly aspiring terrorist, you!

I have never bought, nor even seen, a truly good tool for sale on Woot. I have seen truly awful ones.

Darn. I always have the tendency to tinker with electronics on long trips.

in for a couple, how can you go wrong for 3 bucks!?

“The other day I caught my mother-in-law with a pair of pilers.”

One question, What’s a piler??

I am always wary of off-brand tools, not that I am a fan of Stanley.

Mmmmm…knock-off Leatherman. Buy the real deal. The blades will stay sharp longer and your knuckles will thank you when the tools don’t break.

I beg to differ. They sold a very cool set of vice grips that were self adjusting that I bought three of. Everyone that I gave them to as christmas presents were very pleased. I’m not quite sold on these though… however, as cheap as they are? I’d want one in each room.

I bought three. I need something I can carry/use when I am working and not care if it breaks or gets lost.


Ok, seriously, how sturdy are these? How much torque can they withstand? The bundle is nice with the extra bits and stuff along with the price. Any dibs?

darn you woot!!!

in for 3!!!

I bought three, one of each color to match the Woot shirt I’m wearing that day.

I’ve been wanting a tool like this for quite some time, but never wanted to spend the $$$, so good buy for me and I won’t care if they break.

Is the tool painted or is it anodized?

shipping always kills it for me for stuff like this.