Folding Wine Stave Chair



Folding Wine Stave Chair
$129.99 (Normally $175.00) 26% off List Price
(1) Wine Cask Creations Folding Wine Stave Chair
Approximate dimensions: 38"L x 20"W x 7"H


Pretty expensive; wonder if it will hold my 6’3", 260 lb frame.


A $130 chair that is very limited in use… This should slow the bleed on my wallet while we wait for this item to pass.


Does not look too comfortable


I’d be interested to hear feedback form those that purchased this last time it was up.


Anyone know how these chairs are finished, or do I have to be careful never to wear a white shirt while sitting on this seat for fear of red wine stains?


I would like to know if there is a weight limit on this.


Will orders placed today be guaranteed to arrive before xmas with standard shipping?


This offer could set a Woot off record, “longest offer time wise during a woot off”


I bought a few different wine stave products on a previous woot. Seriously dissapointed. The stuff looks 100% better pictured. My things look like a preschool art procject.


*** YES ***


I agree. Time is just a ticking… You may have to sell these at cost.


Yeah, the woot-checker I use is still showing 100% unsold.

Questions re: sturdiness and finish received an answer from the producer the last time they were up.


Is this the standard office chair at WCC?


it is now…


30 mins must be the max time they’ll let it sit there and not move.


For those too lazy to click & scroll;

"Although I can’t specify a weight limit , I can say that I’ve had people that weighed 275 lbs + on both my folding chair and stool with no issues at all. They all both built like a tank and are very sturdy.
I apply a Teak oil to all my products which is a penetrating oil. This oil conditions the wood and seals in any red wine stain.
I use 1 ¼ and 1 5/8th screws for construction on these items and yes…I do use wooden plugs for the screw holes. "


Funny! You may wish to accessorize