Foley Vineyards Santa Ynez Valley 2001 Merlot Trio



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Recognized by QRW as a Four Star Wine

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back on top i love being 1st sucker! :slight_smile:

Reg. 34.69
On Sale $26.29
Tasting note at the above link.



Looks like Woot has found another good wine. Here’s a page with a 4 star review.


I’m in. Sounds yummy.


I ordered one. The reviews and price are both good. I have a cousin who is really into wine so I’d like to have something in the house that doesn’t come from a box. He really shouldn’t have to supply it all. Hmm. It looks like this one has the 17th century cork technology, but that isn’t a reason to reject it.

Ok woot, time to get my box of last week’s wine (with the new 21st century sealing technology) out the door.


Mkay, even though I haven’t gotten either of my other 2 Woot.Wine shipments, I am very tempted to get this…however, this brings us to another issue (which I may take to forum).–where do I put all this wine?

I know a few tiny coolers have been tagged up here…I live in an NYC apartment, but I could theoretically get a TINY one. Ideas?



2001 Foley, La Cuesta Vineyard Merlot, Santa Ynez Valley, California (91 Points) STB057
Region: California, Central Coast, United States
Personality: Oaked, Herbal, Medium Bodied, Dry, Fruit-Driven
Varietal/Blend: Merlot, Red
Awards: 4 stars at $30 “Rich, ripe, well-concentrated, balck cherry, French roast and nutty oak flavors.” – Quarterly Review of Wines, Best of the Best California Wines

The 2001 Foley, La Cuesta Vineyard Merlot is deep garnet in color, with intense aromas of black cherry, plum, spice, vanilla and bittersweet chocolate. These aromas are confirmed in the mouth in a strong core of berry flavors supported by firm tannins, yet it exhibits a soft texture with a lingering finish. All that you’d expect from a world-class Merlot.
This wine was rated exceptional at 90 points by the Beverage Testing Institute. In the Quarterly Review of Wines Summer 2006, 22nd Annual California Best of the Best the 2001 Foley Merlot (Santa Ynez Valley), $30 (Retail), was rated 4 stars and described as “Rich, ripe, well-concentrated, black cherry, French roast and nutty oak flavors.” Excellent California Merlot – Exemplary character and quality benchmark of it’s type.

Retail Price: $30.00
Your Price: $19.99/bottle


Merlot is a bit passé these days, but I love a smooth Merlot when in the mood for something a bit lighter…such as with a nice pasta dish etc. Anyway, looks like per the Foley website thay have a number of highly rated (Wine Enthusiast) Pino Noir’s. Has anyone thried this Merlot … or their Pinot Noir’s?


I also live in an apt (that gets very hot in the summer) and found a new Kenmore (Sears) wine unit on ebay that holds about 50 btls fits right in and does a yeomans job of preserving my wines ( I work part time in a wine shop so I get a lot of great deals on closeouts etc and it accummulates faster than I can drink it) Sorry but it is too heavy (full) to move at the moment to get the model #

fwiw this merlot deal is below wholesale cost including the shipping … the industry standard markup from wholesale on wine is 50% so do the math …


Where are you putting all of this wine? I mean, I’d love to be able to buy more wine, but I don’t have any place to keep it. Do you have a wine cooler? Or are you perhaps one of those people who has a huge winerack built directly into somewhere in your house?

If you do have a wine cooler (or a few), could you recommend a brand or model or something? I’m looking into getting one as I’ve become more interested in wine, but don’t know what to get.


Went out to dinner just last night at Flemings and had some amazing wine…One was a Merlot and it reminded me of why I used to drink Merlots all the time. I had forgotten after I stopped buying it because of prices and inconsistent bottles.

If this is a full intensity wine with lots of tanins, I’m going to be all over it…Just gotta go back and read the reviews…

I’m going to have to stop logging onto At this rate I’ll be broke and will run out of space!!!


I usually shun Merlot, if only because they’re too light, dry and spicy for me. But a 13.8% abv Merlot?! I don’t see the name Ravenswood on the bottles! :wink:


answer: stored in tummy, of course!!


Seriously, though. Indiana is on previous lists. And in FAQ. Yet, not on this one.

Have I been over looked by an over sight?

Please say yes!!! And fix it before it sells out!


A bit off topic, but has anyone else tried the Nicholson Ranch 01 Pinot Noir? I opened a bottle and poured a glass last night and it was very cloudy. I wasn’t aware that this was an unfiltered pinot. Has anyone else observed this? It tasted OK, but it had to mellow for about 20 minutes to get smooth.


i noticed the same things for both the bottles i have had so far. very light color too.


I opened a bottle ( I bought 12) right when it arrived, which was a bit of a mistake as it was still warm from the UPS trip. It was cloudy, which I attributed to the shipping. I stored the other 11 in my wine cellar to let it settle down.

I did a little research regarding unfiltered wines, and it is unusual but not weird to have an unfiltered red, especially a Pinot. The theory with Pinot is that filtering can strip some of the very subtle taste from the wine. With this specific wine, it was a good call because it is full of very subtle flavors.

I opened the second bottle last night. Still cloudy, but well understood now. The wine is a light red, between a rose and a red I would say. The taste is extraordinary, in my opinion. I would love to be able to say “subtle tones of asperberry and clumpgrass, with a hint of blue honey but withoug being agressive…” but I have no idea what that means. It was just a really fine and subtle red wine that might get overpowered by beef but would do very well with a salmon or halibut.

Very nice, and I have 10 left!