Folgers Classic Roast, Instant Coffee

Folgers Classic Roast, Instant Coffee

Woohoo, it is not a tote.

and were back baby

Folgers - meh

Well… I still can’t check out!

omg a tote

That’s what She said

And Also me
me said said that also

Apparently all woot-off deals need to be VoPd today, lol

Uh, wait forever and ever and can’t get a tote, and now the damn Folgers coffee won’t let me check out, either.


slap a woot logo on this and watch the servers melt


placed the order then auto cancel
woot what goes here

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Instead of installing trailer hitch so I can go buy a new boat
I’m stuck here w/ a broken wootoff
to not get anything I want

This doesn’t replace the insulated tote bag debacle.

I done broke that server good!!!

They’re working on flushing the woot-off virtual toilet to get things running again.


round 2 babyyyyy

How did everything go so well last week and suck this much today?

you must not computer

Broke it again!