Follow Jessica's blog, 33 year old, Wootie - terminal lung cancer

Dear Wooters,

last week I noticed a tweet (
) in “WOOT CHATTER” of an adorable t-shirt and followed it to the blog of the person tweeting.

Jessica, now 33, is suffering from terminal lung cancer. She never smoked, she puts up a damn good fight and her wish is for people to take notice, to follow, spread the word.

This is not a repost or a chain letter - however, I would like you to spread the word, repost, forward to friends, and ask people to consider reading/following her blog / following her on twitter.

If folks in the medical community know of hail mary treatments (experimental, trials - e.g. new forms of immunotherapy) that she could try, it might be a good idea to reach out to her. (This is my own idea and I did not ask her if I can or should request this.)


You are so sweet to think of me. xo

Thanks for checking in. We’re thinking of you. Best wishes.

And thank you to andreaserben for posting this.