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wow… are you guys serious? bah.

Yay, I knew it’d be this one! in for 1!!!

in for 1.

Follow The Leader

Designed by: barthesis
Condition: Zapped
Future Purchase Number: 3992

Clever, but I think that people would have to look at it for more than a pausing moment to get it. I’ll have to pass–already bought too many woot.shirts in the past few days.

Yesterdays looked promising.

Today, not so much. Oh well. Another night, wasted.

Well, I do like this better than yesterday’s offering, but still no sale.

I’m looking forward to next week’s derby offerings. Should be some good ones there.

Was waiting on this one. In for 1!

Loved it. Voted for it. In for 1.

My first $10 shirt.woot! \o/

EDIT: Also my first comment!

yesterdays was awesome but missed it. Today color ok but design sux

and Barthesis with the come from behind second place snag.

Congrats sir-or-maam

In for 2 ---- i usually wear XL but have never worn this brand…would I bump up to 2X because of the fit? I got a XL and a XXL. And plan to lay off the buffet…

AWESOME!!! Congrats Barthesis, you sadistic dude you. I just ordered 2.

good design, but not for me

least i’ll get either (wouldve got both) of the 2 left.

A pretty clever design, but just not quite up my alley.

aww man no thanks

Don’t like how small the design is compared to the shirt. I think it would have been better being larger with just 2-3 bugs… but who am I to hate on art?

Nice design overall, but not for me :confused:

my first woot ever

I was looking forward to this one coming up for sale.

In for 1.