Follow The Leader

Hmm… bought yesterday’s for sis but probably will pass here.
Too… kiddy now?

Bought too many shirts too… and haven’t been shipped either :(.

Kind of like lemmings but with flies. Cool shirt but these shirts really have to move me to press that big orange button.

nice =) I want my goddess of the moon and paint me the sky!!! cries

Yesterday was excellent and I didn’t get one. In for one today. Bzzzzzzzt

Just snagged my first woot shirt ever!

Ehh…I got the previous one…not sure about this one though. I like big designs.

I’d love to have this in an XS.

Riffmaster wil be tomorrow! (woot said so yesterday, kinda)
Thanks Riffmaster! . . . finally a shirt I can buy, tomorrow.

great concept…great shirt…to buy or not to buy

in 4 1

This is what I was hoping for last night (but got that one too :wink: ). So definitely in for one. Thanks!

Back to back woot shirts, in for one.

hmmm…these bugs have endoskeletons and are vertebrates…

I’m in for one. Thing is though, I still have two brand new woot shirts that I haven’t even worn yet. It’s a good thing I have a well-paying job to support this habit… Oh wait, that was a dream.

Can’t decide, can’t decide.

nice… got one…

How many votes did it receive oh great woot?

Aww man, I like it. But I just ordered my first woot the other day and want to get it to make sure the sizing is right before I order more. Oh, and I’m broke.

Otherwise I’d be in for one.

Eh, not really for me…I’m holding out/wishing tomorrows gonna be “A Cold Night”

“to buy”…that was the answer :slight_smile: