Fonera Wireless-N Wi-Fi Router/Hotspot

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Fonera Wireless-N Wi-Fi Router/Hotspot
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I think the last thing I want is my LAN to suckle at the bosom of facebook… going to pass

this would be great if i lived in england or france

Can you connect this item to a/v receiver?

This would be a great hotspot if it was mobile with built in battery and take a SIM card to get your other devices wifi access anywhere. But from what I see this needs the AC adapter connected to the wall, and needs an existing internet connection locally to be shared. So it really is just a wifi accesspoint, not so much a mobile hotspot.

what on Earth does this even mean?

I’ve been using this for years. Bought it at the retail price. You create a WIFI hotspot in your house. Guests can sign on to that hotspot if they need WIFI for their devices rather than your main router. Anyone a short distance away from your house can get WIFI by paying FON for the privilege unless they already have a FON device of their own ‘back home’. When you travel if you encounter someone else’s FON device you get free WIFI on their signal. Like you say in England and France there is signal almost every block. I’ve had hotels when traveling that the hotel internet would be down for that night. But by reaching out to FON would always be able to stay connected. Free. In the USA its not as prevalent but maybe after this WOOT sale there will be more hotspots. Originally the business plan was to pay back the ‘home’ owners with whatever paid wifi was sold. But this amounted to only pennies for me over the years. So the company dropped the accumulation of the fees for payout.

I’m expectantly waiting for the Woot! map to show every state so I’ll know where all the Fon hotspots are. In for one …

I wouldn’t use this as my primary router, but $20 to buy into the FON network isn’t bad. I would hook this up as an auxiliary router on my Apple router with a separate network id. Then when traveling get access to FON network.

We have a large home where the WiFi is weaker than near the router downstairs. Is this something I could put in a far bedroom or summers in the backyard for better service?

Check this map out:
It’s pretty tough to see the orange dots if you ask me…

edit: There is one close by Woot Seattle HQ?
535 Pontius Ave N, Seattle, WA
Maybe someone can run on down and try it out…

Ha! We don’t have a sample up here unfortunately.

Can anyone confirm that these maps are real? According to the maps, EVERYONE in France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Portugal has a Fon hotspot. Less coverage in Germany, Poland, Romania and Japan, and pockets in Brazil. Is this service really that popular in Western Europe?

Neat concept, but I’m not overly enamored by the idea of my neighbors chewing up my bandwidth while I am trying to watch netflix.

So if I understand this correctly it is very similar to the router/modem Comcast installed in my house. Besides being a dual band router which transmits a 2.4 and 5 gig private SSID’s in my house it also sends out a public SSID called xfinitywifi which anyone passing my house and is a Comcast customer can sign in to for free. With the Comcast device the usage is supposedly separate from private usage and does not affect the speed of my network. Nice idea when you have guests and do not want to give out your network password I guess but not really keen on people camping out in my front yard to use my wifi. I called Comcast and had it diaabled. Very uneuropean of me I guess.

I was ready to hit “Buy” until I found out that you can’t use the network without a Facebook account.

Forget it. I’m out.

I agree with you. But you can always set up a bogus account.