Fonera Wireless-N Wi-Fi Router/Hotspot

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Fonera Wireless-N Wi-Fi Router/Hotspot
Price: $14.99
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What is Fon? and check out the product page

Does anyone know of there are any hotspots in the US? I don’t see any on the map. Would be good if traveling to France or Brazil. I don’t see coverage in Argentina, US or Uruguay where I also go.

Comments from a previous offer

The price is certainly right if I thought it would make a reliable, simple repeater for my wifi network, which doesn’t quite cover all the territory I want it to. There doesn’t seem to be any user-configurable options to this, at all. Here’s the product manual.

There appears to be no way to turn off the public wifi access point, which seems like a big security issue. Plus, there are no Fon hotspots for thousands of miles from me. I found some in Manhattan and ONE in all of Los Angeles, on Skid Row of all places. And there’s no apparent way to change the secure network’s name.

Hmm, it’s tempting, but I’ll pass.

RE LA: I saw 2 near Sawtelle/SM blvd, 3 in Venice, few others. I needed to zoom in a bit to see them. Maybe that happened to you?

I just purchased one of these last month from Woot for $5 more. I had some trouble setting it up, but after that it seems to work well. I’m using it extend my home WiFi. You can change the secure network name, but it has to be different than your primary SSID. My trouble with setting it up seems to have been a conflict between the Fon Utility app and Fon app. Once I uninstalled the Fon app, I was able to complete the setup.

I don’t get it. Why would anyone want to play with a building?

Here is a Linksys Wifi extender currently offered here on Woot. Maybe it would work for you.

The fact that this product requires I have to offer up my bandwidth to anybody that wants it -and pay for the privilege to do so makes it absolutely unappealing. If the public access portion could be disabled, then it would be a decent deal.

Oh, and the “let your Facebook friends access it with their Facebook login” has all the hallmarks of “we are going to track your browsing through our product and not tell you that we stalk you this way.”

Yes, every McDonalds, Starbucks,
Burger King is a WiFi hotspot. Many more besides…

I think the question is where are the Fon Hotspots in the US, not just any wifi hotspot.

If Everyone on Woot in the USA buys one and sets them up, there will be plenty of them to use, so come on folks, Let’s Get “Fonera-ing” !!!