Fonera Wireless-N Wi-Fi Router/Hotspot

Anybody have this and use it as a wifi extender? It says if you already have a router, but its single is weak, you simply place this where the single starts to weaken and boom, you now have a boosted signal. That sounds incredible, but I wonder how it works, or if it works in the same way as it is explained. Most wifi extenders need to be set up to rebroadcast your signal and usually on a different or slightly different SSID. The explanation in the description makes it sound you merely place this where you signal weakens and it magically makes it stronger. Does it rebroadcast with the same SSID?

This is not a repeater or extender, it is a new access point.

Two new WAPs, in fact, these have 2 SSIDs, one is “public” but secured, Fon controls access to it, the other is private, controlled by you.

I don’t know if it’s still the case, but it used to be that Fon hotspot operators had the choice whether to either receive free connectivity from any other Fon hotspot, or they could get a share of the revenue when a paying user connected to their hotspot, but they’d have to pay to connect to any other Fon hotspots.

what a pos this hunk of crap is. i wanted to use it only as a wifi router in my home but if forces me and my guests to sign on to its own hotspot instead. after 30 min of “free” use it closes the connection to push you to join fon to pay for more use. not worth the price even it it was free. the junkyard about to get a new hotspot