Fontignac 8 Qt. Round Red Cocotte

I’m a Woot-aholic here… and would truly love to say something “positive” regarding this offer…

But I can’t.

I’ve bought four (4) Fontignac Cocotte covered cookware pieces recently.

Sadly, two (2} of these have arrived in severely damaged condition.

One has a 1.25" crack in the cookware body and both have enamel chipped off the lid and cookware body.

These defects render the cookware unusable as a gift and unsatisfactory for any use.

Woot does not state these to be “NEW”… and the packaging looks like these are previously “returned” items… and worse, the packaging is woefully inadequate to prevent the lid and cookware body from abrading each other in shipping.

Caveat emptorjust saying.

cliff731: I’m very sorry for the shipping problems. I’ve sent your post to the Home team so they can look into it further.

Thanks, ThunderThighs… I appreciate your kind assistance and expressed concern.

There is only a thin cardboard separator inserted between the lid and the cookware body - and nothing to retain them in place inside the outer box.

The cardboard separator just isn’t sufficient to prevent the cast iron pieces from harsh impact with one another while in transit.

Thus the enameled finish is chipped off on the rim of the lid and cookware bowl.

If the lids were completely covered with bubble wrap, for instance, then the rigors of handling during shipment shouldn’t pose any serious risk to this cookware’s enameled finish.

I received an oval, and it is only 6qt. When I emailed about this I was offered a $10 credit to keep it since there “are no replacements to send out.” When I replied I would be willing to keep it for a $20, the response was “all we can offer is $10.” I am NOT pleased, if I had wanted a 6qt oval dutch oven, of which I already have, I would have bought one elsewhere for less that the $99.99 I paid for something that was not as advertised.