Fontignac 8 Qt. Round Red Cocotte

Fontignac 8 Qt. Round Red Cocotte
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 23 to Tuesday, Nov 24) + transit
Condition: New


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About Staub

This is exceedingly misleading
This is like saying a Volkswagen Jetta is the same as a Bugatti Veyron
Staub is the uber high end of the company = Veyron

Still a good price though on the Jetta

Fontignac is Staub’s second line. Still good stuff.

Where is it made?

What are the measurements of the cocotte?

From a previous sale. Looks like some people weren’t happy on the second page.

I’m confused. Woot offered an apology in the last sale and even sent out emails to unhappy buyers. The question is, have they made the same mistakes this time?

It still seems misleading, but it was twice the price last time.

Last time people were misled because the listing said the pot was Staub, but it was actually Fontignac. That’s not the case here so I guess I don’t understand how it would be misleading.

Yes, Staub runs around $359, Fontignac $179. The size is great. Here’s a site detail. Personally, I would never put the lid in the handle and risk breakage. And it’s French made.

Is the knob plastic or some other material?

What? I’m not sure what you’re saying…?

Damn, I just bought one of these on here two weeks ago for $99. The one they sent wasn’t round it was oval. They offered to refund my money or take $10 off the order. I chose the 10.

That said it’s a nice pot. The interior has the black enamel instead of the cream. I have a couple of these Fontignac pots from Woot and they all still look and perform great. No discoloration on the enamel. I’d still like a round one. I wonder if this one is actually round or not?

Yeah, but at least this Jetta ain’t made in China like 99.99% of enameled cast iron these days. (I mean when the sole surviving USA cast iron company gets their enameled stuff made in China, that’s just downright pathetic.)

Just be extra careful in handling the Fontignac (it probably doesn’t have all the extra coats of goop baked on that the Staub has, so it may be prone to chipping) and you got yerself one heck of a deal at this price for soooooo big of a pot, er, cocotte, er, Dutch oven.

PS: Go fer it and use the lid when cooking BUT store it with those nifty little separators Staub or Le Creuset sell, or maybe just something like bubblewrap between the lid and the body. Seems like any chipping of these pots occurs not during the few hours of cooking, but during the many days/weeks/months in storage.

Also, with all qualities of enameled cast iron, remember they can’t take any “thermal shock”, if you want to avoid chipping, crazing, cracking, etc. Never put even a room temp pot in a hot oven. Either first slowly bring it up to temperature while prepping your meal on a burner before sticking it in the oven or put the pot in the oven when you first turn it on from ground zero. (So no “pre-heating” ever-never-ever if it’s going directly into the oven.) Conversely, never stick even a warm pot in the refrigerator; bring it to room temperature first. (Not that one of these could fit in a frig, unless you’re at Donald Trump’s digs…)

And perish the thought of leaving your pot out to dry overnight or drying it with paper towels! I shudder thinking of it! (Sure, you can leave it overnight soaking in, say, some baking soda, water and mild detergent.) As soon as it’s clean but wet, use a 100% soft cotton towel to dry it and ONLY soft cotton/cotton terry! (Yes, Virginia, I am a purist and, yes, Virginia, microfiber leaves microscopic scratches in that great finish, too. Save it for cleaning the spilled oil off the, ah, Jetta parked outside.)

I received mine today. It is not round, it is oval. Also the ceramic in the inside is poorly done. Overspray, looks like runs in the paint and has fish eyes. I can send ya the pics if you would like to see.

Ugh sorry. Please email the pic and your order info to CS can help get you taken care of.

I also got mine today,oval, not round. The lid also wobbles a bit. So much for better quality control being from France instead of China. I’m not even sure this is really even a Fontignac. There is no writing at all on the lid, and the handles are not loop handles Every Fontignac I’ve ever seen has their name on the lid and loop handles, just like in the picture. Not sure what kind of crap woot is trying to pull here

If it doesn’t look like the photo, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.