Fontignac Cast Iron Cookware

What capacity do the pair of minis these have? Couldn’t find anything in the description.

Bed Bath & Beyond says 8oz.

Well thank goodness for BBBeyond…why wouldn’t Amazon pass along this info for the geeks at WOOT? EIGHT OUNCES !!!

What size is the Fleur? By the price it looks like a 5-quart.

What is the capacity of the blue fontignac fleur cocotte?

BBB says 4.5 QT.

Update: Confirmed by vendor

I have the red 5-QT one. I love it. The 6.5-QT was just a bit too big for my uses as a single dude, but would probably be better for families than the 5-qt. I just made a batch of chili in it this Sunday and had room to spare, so it’s perfect for me. I’ve also made the All-Day Red Sauce from Serious Eats and had no problem with the capacity.

Holds up well versus Le Creuset, with a good enamel finish. It’s not bright white inside, more on the yellow scale, but I have no problems with it. Finally, as a minor thing, I really like the pattern under the lid. So there’s that!

Thanks for mentioning that recipe-I checked it out and will be trying it very soon.It looks incredible! Anyone interested here it is without searching:

Where are these made? Costco carries a really cool oval 6qt cast iron pot made in France for $70.
These are great to make no-knead bread (google it, it’s easy and awesome)