Food and Water Survival Bundles

Happy 4th.

Product Page with Reviews of the 3 month supply

Well, I would definitely pick this over Jim Bakker’s similar product for the apocalypse.

Happy 4th all!

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Food and Water Survival Bundles
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Make sure to order the optional additional 250 servings of freeze— dried water. They really save a lot of space in your crazy person bunker. Show all your prepper friends…they will be so jealous that they DON’T have freeze-dried water packets! (Remember…just add water!)

Forget the “end of the world” apocalypse stuff… how does this stuff taste as a quick meal for working people??

Happy 4th all!
And a very nice deal!

Most of them are marginally preferable to starvation.

Agree this stuff isn’t really for everyday meal plans.

If you want something like that, look at maybe MREs (available at military surplus stores). Freeze dried food for camping can be good, too, depending on brand but they aren’t bulk survival food cheap.

quickly how much protein is in each bar and how much fiber?

Learn to cook. Eggs are cheap, a little electric gadget can hard-boil them. Eat as-is or mush 'em up with mayo for egg salad sandwiches.

Put rice, canned salmon and frozen veggies in a rice cooker, and you have a meal. Or use canned chicken, or frozen shrimp.

And for those of you that think people that buy this type of stuff are crazy preppers…you ever been through a natural disaster? Blizzard, Hurricane, Tornado, etc? Even if you have, your liberal brain isn’t smart enough to realize the usefulness of such products, you just hope the government will take care of you.

Are there any Vegan options?

Good for earthquake preparedness.

Great! I’m gonna order this and keep it in the trunk of my bug-out car. Any day now there’s gonna be a zombie apocalypse, and I wanna be ready.

Fear seems to be the tool of the conservative in all cases. Living in rural West Virginia, I lived through many floods, including the monstrous '77 flood that washed away our home. Also lived through a week of having no power, which was fairly commonplace at that time. We didn’t need this stuff to survive just fine.

I got a sampler from them awhile back. The soups are pretty good. Serving sizes are a little small though.

Honestly, if you look at the ingredients of most of these items they are loaded with salt, sugar, and corn syrup and very light in actual nutrition in the form of meat or bean proteins and vegetables. You are probably better off with a 50lb sack of rice, a sack of beans, and a few pounds of dehydrated meats and vegetables if you want to be eating healthy during a serious disaster.

I would not use this stuff for a backpacking or hunting trip (the way I use MREs or Mountain House meals) simply because of the lack of balanced nutrition I’m seeing on the ingredients listings.

So why wouldn’t I just go down to big lots and buy all these items and stick them in a storage tub? Well they probably don’t have the water purifier but that could be bought somewhere else?