Food and Water Survival Bundles

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Food and Water Survival Bundles
Price: $84.99 - 299.99
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What are your vegan options?

Genuinely curious, not trying to stir trouble. In a Shit Hits the Fan scenario (which is really what these kits are for), where you’re not sure where your next meal is going to come from, are you really going to be worried about your vegan diet at that point? I mean, society will be collapsing around you, and you’d rather starve than eat meat?

I am not into the whole vegan thing but to each their own. I will say that some people, myself included, buy these not only for SHTF, but for camping trips, hiking, and snacks in their vehicle. And if you are serious about SHTF, you will be eating you supplies to make sure you like them and to help with rotation.

Reviews of the 3 month supply

On the one hand, with the current geopolitical situation, especially given the incoming POTUS, stuff like this is starting to seem like a good idea in general, not just for panicky sorts who listen to talk radio.
On the other hand, i don’t care if this stuff is literal Ambrosia, conferring eternal youth and health, I am not buying anything from a company calling themselves Patriot Pantry.
With a name like that, they almost certainly helped get us in this mess.

I’m sorry, I don’t think any of these bundles are 100% vegan.

Well, the point of preparing ahead of time is so you have to make fewer compromises when some sort of issue (long or short term) occurs. Sure, if one were vegan and had no food stored (or have run out) you would eat what you could get your hands on.
But when you’re buying ahead of time like this, there’s really no reason not to try to accommodate whatever dietary needs or preferences you might have.

Remember that morale and general health are important during trying times. A vegan that suddenly had to start eating meat would not be happy and probably have some physical repercussions that would add stress.

To the original question, the manufacturer’s site has more detailed nutritional info:
It doesn’t look like anything is intentionally vegan.

Headcase certainly fits in this case lol😎

True That!!!