Food and Water Survival Bundles

FWIW, Last year, this sold for $299. Around the same time too. May 17th.

Do these packages come in some sort of sealed storage container?

it is not mentioned in the specs or description… it just says “in the box”…
in the pics it shows some totes, but they appear open top, are pictures for display?

Short answer, YES.

You get low profile totes (as seen in the picture). They do secure pretty well and keep light, splashing water, etc, out.

Each package of food(s) are in sealed packages, inside these totes. Each package has “X” amount of servings (they do not reseal by the way) so when you open up one, be a good idea to have some spare same size mylar bags and oxygen absorbers unless you plan on eating the whole package, or zip lock bags are fine as long as you don’t let it sit around for weeks/months before eating the rest.

I did get some of these from Woot a while back. I keep these off site (not at home) as a back up, about 6 months for 2 people. I also stored a couple cases of the emergency drinking water that will sit in hot or cold storage for 5 years. If you have the cash, you can get water in cans that has a indefinite life span. I’m sure it can be had for cheaper but I’ve never seen it drop below $35 w/free shipping. The water pouches are a more cost effective way to go (less waste) in the short term but just remember, many people don’t realize how much water you need to cook this stuff. Then you need water to drink/wash up with.

Hope that helps… :slight_smile: