Food Court

I like the shirt but I don’t think I could get away wearing that yellow color

Of all the children’s board games requiring no skill, this was probably my favorite.

I didn’t know that hippos eat antelope. I guess that’s what you do when you’re hungry, hungry XD

Are the hippos gonna eat the white rocks, or the four-legged animal drinking out of the yellow water?
…Why is there even a lemon colored tee available here?

Pink is obviously going to win: it’s National Pink Day.

That poor deer looks like it’s in trouble…hahahahaha…

Wait, what? Oh, wrong game.

Shouldn’t the Hungry Hungry Hippos have their prey surrounded!?

I thought the hippos were melted gummy bears…

Do the hippos want the deer…or the rocks?

By some strange coincidence, I was tweeting about these guys earlier tonight.

don’t worry children, I think the hippos are actually just going to eat those round rocks next to the gazelle.

Why is there popcorn on the beach? What does that have to do with anything? So random!

I guess you should wear this shirt if you were reading this forum posting earlier.

Sorry, this bugs me.

I thought hippos are herbivores?

Yes, even hungry, hungry hippos.

Mmmmm, Venison.

WWWWW Poor DeaR!
Thats terrible that thoughts hungry hungry hippo’s are out there waiting to eat that poor dear!!!

I liked the usage of “hasbrook” as a way to include “hasbro” somewhere in the write-up.

Yikes…I see the humor but its kinda creepy

That’s disturbingly ironic, that right there.