Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards

Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards

Total rip-off.

Get a 16 ounce bottle from your local pharmacy for $2. Same thing.


I just use 30w Castrol motor oil.
No wonder my food tastes like it was cooked in a car repair shop!


$3.99 at the local supermarket. Do better, w00t.

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I never rubbed my wood with oil. I was just wash it with some soap and water and just let it hang out and dry.


Yeah, this is not a good deal.

Any mineral oil that’s sold in the pharmacy or pharmacy aisle is at the bare minimum food grade.

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I looked online at my local market. Only listing is “personal health care” and describes it as a “Lubricant laxative”. $6.29


Bare minimum food grade is sold for ingestion. Ultra high food grade sold for wiping on cutting boards.

Yup, that’s it’s medical use. Ingest the cutting board oil and it’ll do the same.

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Trust me, it’s all coming from the same factory.

That’s called marketing.