Food Prep & Storage

I wish Lock and Lock would come back to Woot. I like them so much more than the glass lock stuff I recently got here.

Ooooh, fondueeeeeee…

Do we know what the volumetric size is on the three flip-top cannisters?

Is the price right for this container?

$14.99 for a 12 oz, when the larger ones are $4-$7? Seems like a mistake.

We didn’t get samples and I’ve hunted all over the interweb with no luck.

Now a wooter that would like to show off some mad math skills could figure out the capacity based on the height and diameter. I did find the diameter on other sites as between 4.5" and 5", depending on the site.

I can highly recommend the Cuisinart toaster in this deal. I bought one from Woot the last time it was on sale and am very happy with it. So far I only use it for toast but it’s very quick at making toast. Also, the pic is for a white one, but the one I received is stainless.
Good price, too, as Amazon has it for about $65.

Oh man, now I want some Pop Tarts.

(because you said you’d only made toast in your toaster, and I was thinking about what else you could make in a toaster, and awwww maaaaaaaan)

Was gifted one of those Can/Jar opener sets from a previous sale. They both worked great but the can opener broke pretty fast. Anyone have better luck with theirs?

I’ve heard from other wooters that Kuhn Rikon has been very good about honoring their warranty. It’s worth contacting them.

You know what, I’ll look into it. I really liked that can opener.

Why does Woot continue to advertise these sales using pictures of items that they don’t actually have for sale?

In the case of this sale they picture the blacktop containers that are not available because they were sold out in some previous sale.

They were for sale in this event but have already sold out. Look near the bottom and you’ll see them.

How does the Rosle Santoku knife stand up to the Victorinox Fibrox Santoku knife? Theyre both about the same price

never got, emailed support no response :frowning:

Order Date: Nov 15, 2013

Order Number: 4673****

Artland Set of 3 Flip-Top Canisters

Quantity: 1 @ $14.99
$39.99 63% off list price

[MOD EDIT: Edited Order Number (for privacy)]

Sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back about your order.

According to Woot Member Services, it doesn’t appear that you’ve written in under the email account associated with your Woot Account.
Did you write in to

Are you needing a replacement for the item in question?

Please let us know and we can inform Woot Member Services to help resolve this issue.

And my Snap and Seals are neither snapping, nor sealing, after just a month of use. Lids have twisted and distorted from microwave use, so now I have five non-containers.

Already sent a note to customer service, will post back with resolution (if there is one).

I, also ordered these, and never received them.

Order #467xxxx.

Yes, I e-mailed the message, but have e-mailed messages on the cutesie “Where’s My Stuff” page, and never hear anything back.
I don’t expect to hear anything back…once again.

The cutesie-wootsie talk only goes so far, when there is no valid phone number to get ahold of anyone, and no one answers requests for help. All I get is the canned automatic replies saying someone will get back with me blah-blah-blah–and no one ever does.

It’s looking like they were lost in transit. CS should be emailing you shortly. Sorry about the delay and problems.