Food Vessels

The picture features a mug, but there aren’t any.

It’s kind of disappointing to see these on here again when I ordered some dinner plates, twice, before Christmas and was sent the black when I ordered the red and they have yet to responded to my “support” emails since the 22nd. Now I have 18 bowls and salad plates in the red but 18 (they erred on both shipments) of dinner plates.

Sorry for the wrong plates. We’re looking into it now.

Thank you, I got a reply to my emails now. The dinner plates I received did appear to be stocked with an incorrect label. The box itself said urban black but a sticker label on it said it was the bandhani. I’m sure that the person prepping for shipment looked at the wrong label.

Are the simple lines plates sold out?

Sorry for the problem with that sale. It’s just the Royal Line that is for sale. Should be fixed now.

Same Here - still waiting for a reply - had to open a dispute charge on PayPal to hopefully get their attention - I got the small plates and bowls, but black dinner plates - and still to reply to my requests

I had the same issue with getting the wrong dinner plates - i got the correct lunch plates and bowls, but now have 12 black plates that I don’t want, and no reply to my requests for the last two weeks. Seems like bringing up the shipping issues when the items are relisted for sale gets a response - buyer beware - if you aren’t picky about getting red vs black plates then order without hesitation, otherwise, you have been warned

I did get a quick reply once I posted on here, unfortunately, the acknowledgment they sent and the return authorization was for the order of 6 plates. I had ordered 12 first then ordered 6. So now I still have to wait until they get to the other support case. And of course, I had already boxed them all up together!

I had same issue, order two set of the red and got black. Still no reply to my email. Even worse I was in Walmart today and they sell the for Less than $4 a plate.

Prices on the Correlle might be discounted to open stock pricing, but is higher than if you buy a set complete (same price but you get 2 additional place settings + mugs). Its unfortunate as I have been really happy with the “deals” Woot normally offers & these sure are nice dishes!

would really like to see full plate, bowl, cup combo sets for a larger family(not fat just more than 4-6 people) more like 8 of each unit