Food, Water, and Pizza Survival Bundles

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Food, Water, and Pizza Survival Bundles
Price: $69.99 - 299.99
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How would you force water through the “survival spring” water filter to filter water for cooking? (Besides sucking on one end of it)

If you already have a heat source for cooking, I would recommend boiling the water.

Just couldn’t resist could ya. But my guess is about the same if that other sleaze makes it.

Product itself are is smaller containers then they look. Picked up a couple of these a few months ago. They stack nice and are not heavy at all. Having the protein box is a nice addon since most freezedried meals come in the veggie form or “beef” flavored, etc… If you like beans, you do get a nice assortment. Picked up a veggie box also. These boxes can be re purposed once it’s contents have been expended. I have a variety of brands (wise, mountain house, and these, in my emergency closet. I am no way an expert but I spent many years on the rescue side of things and the one thing people always wished they had more up during an emergency is WATER. It might be a good idea to pick up a case or two of Mainstays or other emergency drinking water packets (these do not require treatment and will handle temperature fluctuations both hot and cold without breaking down the packets of 5 years), and figure out how many packets is needed per meal, store those packets int he boxes with the meals. It will add some weight but if you have to shelter in place or bug out, everything is in there. Just make sure you have a way to heat your water unless you want to double/triple your time to re-constitute your food, and eat it cold.YUCK. I picked up the Bleuet Cookset and fuel combo off woot a month ago. I already had a smaller folding stove but this lets you store fuel inside the cub/container and enough fuel bars to cook everything in the box. WARNING: the fuel bars STINK like an open can of tuna so you will want to double seal them in a ziplock bag(s).

Taste: Sorry I’ve not “tested” any of the food items in the protein or pantry fruit/veggie/snack box that I have. However, I have tried mountain house, Campers pantry and Wise. Not much difference other then some require more soak time. I do keep a few cases of MRE’s also. MRE’s require a nice cool location to keep them fresh for up to 7 years but my rule is after 4, I schedule a wilderness survival merit badge camp out and that’s our meal for the weekend. Hope that’s too much information but if you were thinking about being setup for emergencies where you might have to leave your home, retreat to a cabin or shelter in place for an extended period of time, these water tight transportable boxes should be considered.

Oh, and one little issue. Please try some freeze dried food before you plunk down your money only to learn these (or the brand) is not to your liking. You can get meals from Walmart, and most camping stores. Try a couple before you are forced to eat them. And they are pretty off the chart with sodium, so beware.

Disclaimer: I am not a spokes person for any survival/freeze dried food products and do not endorse any. Nor do my views reflect on my affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America or the U.S. Coast Guard. I have just seen too many situations where people have good intentions but do not execute them till it’s too late. So I try to educate non-hard core emergency preparedness (yes, I teach that merit badge too).

Sorry, I just can’t stop giggling at the brand name.
“Patriot’s Pantry. Using the same dehydrated pizza recipe used in Lexington in 1775!”

Does the pizza taste like I imagine it tastes? Freeze dried pizza…what could go wrong?

Specs a little confusing, what comes in the 4mth $299??

Thank you, tc1uscg. I’ve thought about getting one of these survival boxes, but wondered how long the food would last. I keep an emergency box of canned food (used to keep rice and pasta until I realized that if it is that much of an emergency, I can’t count on being able to boil water), but the cans have to be rotated out pretty often. Not too many evacuation-type emergencies in my neighborhood, though. The house is on high ground, no wildfires (so far), storms can knock out electricity for days but don’t knock over buildings. Chemical spill is a possibility, but the roads will be so snarled that I might be safer at home.

save 200 dollars off the patriots food supply own webpage… good deal

Interesting review on the company that sells this food (reseller marketing company) out of a Panama tax haven.

Plus, beware the serving sizes.

I have a nuke power plant due west of here, about 4 hours away. There is another nuke plant ssw near the Ohio/Mich border. My plans are to stay put. Traffic would make all but impossible to get out of this area fast and I rather be home then stuck 10 miles into the evacuation trip. I do have a family bug out duffle that amounts to a loadout of high end camping gear, shelter, cooking and hygiene items. That gets tossed into the car, along with my food stuff’s and we don’t have to run around grabbing stuff. It’s all in one place and takes 20 minutes to gather everything and load the van. We do keep canned food in the mix as well. Things like that should be stowed in it’s own container/tote so it can be inventoried on a 6 month or yearly schedule as some soups expire in a year or less but as long as the can isn’t dented, I’ve eaten progresso soups that were 3 years old, but were in the dark, cool basement. If you rather go with food that doesn’t need water, canned chicken, tuna and canned meat such as spam (hey, dice up a quarter cup, mix it with some eggs and cheese. It’s pretty good). My plan may not work for you, or the next person. You have to determine what you need to feed you or others at your house if the need arises. I estimated I have about 4 months food for 4 people. 1 month of water (which requires dumping and refilling every 4-5years). We have a pet so we have a few months of food for her too. I think I crossed the line as per the wife but I even picked up a portable toilet. Can’t go take a dump in the woods where I live so if the water pumps die, how do you flush? What do you do with your waste?

The food offered here is start but it’s just a start. I’m not living in some shipping container in my back yard, I’m not that hard core. But I’ve built a system that will ensure my family won’t be sitting around looking at the family cat with bad intent. I didn’t build this up over night but you have to start somewhere. Lots of good info online and woot seems to offer up some pretty good deals on food and items that can be used to build yourself a decent emergency locker.

So for $299 you get a 3 month supply and a separate 4 week supply as well as a straw filter???
Im confused by this if thats the case why isnt it just called a 4 month supply with a filter? Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated I see someone else asked as well but nobody has answered. This question kept me from purchasing in the past please clear this up for me Thanks!

You are correct. For $299 you get a 4 week supply, a 3 month supply, and the water filter.

The reason this is not all lumped into one is because the packaging for the 3 month and the 4 week supplies are separate.

I was thrilled to purchase three of bundle #1 and also the breakfast kit/coffee combo. The 3 bundle #1’s arrived along with the included 4 week supplies of food and the three included water filters. However, the breakfast kit arrived with one pancake pouch busted open and all over the other packages within the tote and absolutely no coffee/creamer/sugar as was advertised. I contacted WOOT and received an email back offering a full refund or a 10% refund. Talk about disappointing. Who the heck packs up what the customers order? I spent over $1000 on this dried food purchase because it was such a fantastic deal only to feel somewhat disappointed that I didn’t get what was advertised and I check WOOT daily for things to purchase from their site.

I’m really sorry to hear about your experience. I’m sure the pancake powder was not fun to clean up. Woot doesn’t pack these products, but it’s possible that the bag was fine when they put it in the box and then it ruptured in transit. Either way, it’s a huge bummer and I’m really sorry you had to deal with that.