Foodsaver Gamesaver Sport Vacuum Sealer

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Foodsaver Gamesaver Sport Vacuum Sealer
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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I thought for a moment that it was a printer printing a picture of meat.

Woot! Is about $15 less than Amazon. I have been wanting one of these for a while. Think that now is… MY TIME!!! Woooooooo! You wanted the best? Well you got the best!

If I didn’t already have one of these I would jump all over this. Comes with two rolls, plus premade bags. Great deal.

Super handy - I make huge pots of spaghetti sauce and stew and seal quarts and freeze them. Also can buy meat in bulk and freeze portions - great way to save $$

Reviews over at Academy-4.6 Stars

I mean, I’d go with it if I could 3D print a steak. :slight_smile:

Sure you can 3D print a steak . . . it just tastes like plastic (because it is) :slight_smile:

Hey some people have bowls of plastic fruits some have bowls of plastic meat.

I have a different model, but it’s similar. I find cutting bags from a roll the right size and with straight edges more of a pain than it’s worth most of the time, so i buy third party bags on Amazon.

I’ll use the roll for big stuff, but the bags are very convenient.

I am in for one. Let’s see if they are any good.

“DECEDENT” and “decadent” are two different words.

and using “decedent” here is a bit odd.

Maybe it’s assumed that only a zombie would waste meat?

Anyone know: can you use these bags for Sous vide?
Amazon Questions and Answers answered this question. I grabbed this an intend to use it with my Sous vide cooker.

Obviously, if you were the decedent, you wouldn’t care about that extra steak. Could be correct in that scenario.

Where can I get the bug manhandsha?

Have you joined the Sous Vide discussion over on Wine?


Im heading over there now!

Absolutely. Tonight I’m going to cook a steak I bought at Costco that’s sealed and frozen. I’m just going to give it an extra fifteen or twenty minutes in the bath.