FoodSaver RT-FM2000 Vacuum Sealer

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FoodSaver RT-FM2000 Vacuum Sealer
Price: $34.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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With a name that includes RTFM, I am guessing this product doesn’t come with a lot of customer support!

I have one of these. The “nib” at the end of the vacuum tube you use on jars and other containers is incredibly weak and it breaks easily. When it does, forget ever finding another one.

Also, my unit (this unit) either vacuums OR seals. It does BOTH about one time in ten.

Good pick-up, and HILARIOUS.

I’ve finally figured out that, when it fails to vacuum the air out of the bag, it’s because the seal is over-heated. Let it cool down and try again.

open-ended bag must be down in the indent or vacuum will not be able to suck the air out of the bag

does this have a cutter? where do you get more bags?

I’m gonna say, right about here.

… oh, and probably Amazon and other places.

I bought a refurbished food saver sealer last time around and it wouldent seal no matter what I tried. The strip didnt heat up and it wouldent vacuum out the air enough to compress the bag. Food saver support was non-existent. Thankfully woot gracefully accepted the return. Buyer beware!

Foodsavers have become common enough that you can get bags nearly anywhere, Wal-Mart included.

Is this thing really called “RTFM”? LMAO!!!

I’ve had a food-saver for about 15 years now. What I’ve learned is to put the bag in the unit, clamp down, pull it taught and just a little out, then seal. It works 95% of the time.

I ordered a similar model on Woot not long ago. Used it once, it was just fine.

Can anyone tell me where I put the extra bags it came with? Can’t find them anywhere.

I bought probably the first model at a resale shop - it came with 5 rolls and about 50 bags for $35. I love it and it works great.

The license plate on my sports car is IRTFM. Most people don’t get it. I’ve got FYYFF on my scooter. I get an occasional thumbs up for that one.

I bought the bigger one a few months ago. While I can’t vouch for the quality of this one, I can confirm that they work well and make frozen food last much longer. No more freezer burn, ever.

Heh. Leftovers. LOL

This deal sucks.