FoodSaver V3230 Vacuum Sealing System

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FoodSaver V3230 Vacuum Sealing System
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Does anyone have any favorite vacuum sealer recipes?

I love to use mine to make chicken in a sous vide. I seal the chicken in the bag with olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, garlic, and pepper. YUM!

Share your faves!

I have this model. I paid a lot more for it a few years ago. I use it more than I thought I would and I like the storage for the bags built in. If you want to buy in bulk or are an empty nester like myself this is perfect for you.

can you “re-seal” the same bag over again?

I suppose you could - you just need to slice off the part that’s already sealed and do it farther down. It’ll get shorter each time…

I don’t have this model but have owned a V1205 for about 10 years and it has been working without a problem. As a system/kitchen gadget, Foodsavers really do fit all size households. I am a bachelor and live alone and probably use mine every day.

Costco has some of the best steaks in town and I will often break up packages and freeze them individually. I’ll do the same with chicken breasts and fish as well.

Cold cereal goes in a canister and stays fresh until it is gone. It may take 2-3 weeks for me to go through a box of cereal and I actually like to have a couple different kinds of cereal and this keeps it fresh. The canisters also work really well for other dry goods like snack chips.

Salads in a bag go in a container and stays fresh for over a week. Blocks of cheese (or those little orphans you get at Central Market), fruit, and most perishables that you can think of can all benefit.

I will sometimes use it for stinky trash as well. Nothing smells quite as ripe as your Monday night fish or chicken that has been in a trashcan in the Texas heat for a week waiting for trash day.

Rolls of bags can usually be found at Bed Bath and Beyond and some grocery stores but I end up ordering most of my containers and bags from Amazon.

Most people that own a Foodsaver seem surprised at how often they actually use it.

Edit: Yes, the bags can be resealed. I would not “reuse” them but they can definitely be resealed.

Yes, I have done it.