FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System

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FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System
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“Your kid’s hamster who died in the night”

You’d better freeze that thing first or the vacuum will squash it flat.

Dear Sir(s) or Madame(s)

True story:

It was a summer evening and we were hanging out with friends in our driveway, having a barbecue. Oddly enough, we start seeing cops running around our neighbor’s house across the street, and one of them had his gun drawn. Keep in mind, I don’t live in that kind of neighborhood, although I’m by no means upper class.
Anyhoo…all of a sudden we hear “POP!!! POP!!!”
A few minutes later a K-9 unit stops in front of our driveway. The officer rolls down his window. “Hey guys,” he says. “Do you like venison?”
We looked at each other, bewildered.
“Um, yah”
“Well, there was an injured fawn running through town and we had to euthanize it. Do you want it?”
“Well, OK.”

Before I continue there is one thing you need to know about me: I don’t know how to clean a deer. So I call up a buddy of mine, and he comes over with a hunters knife and all sorts of these blood-encrusted, creepy-looking Hannibal Lecter style hook devices, and goes to town on this thing.

Before we knew it, we were grilling fresh deer meat. Yum. But there was a lot left over! Well, I’m not one to waste food. So I decide to make sausages. This turned out to be a very good call.

As the evening was drawing to a close, there was blood all over my garage, but the sausage-making activities were largely successful. I decided to wrap the sausage in paper, because that’s how the butchers do it…and I assume this is done to prevent freezer burn. Next, I vacuum-packed the sausages using a device similar to the product currently being offered in the front page of

Keep in mind, this happened about five years ago. But…I still have a few sausages left. (In the freezer, of course)

Here’s my question: do you think they are still good and/ or fit for human consumption? Does the vacuum-sealing make foods bulletproof for several years?

I patiently await your response.

Thank you.


Know what you’re getting yourself into before you buy one of these. The foodsaver bags are really expensive. It’s a lot like inkjet printers: They sell the device for cheap and then charge out the nose for bags. If you think you’re saving money by vacuuming sealing and freezing leftovers… make sure you factor in the cost of the bags, because it is not insignificant.

Just use their ziplock vacuum bags. I get many uses from each one as cheeses, etc., reduce in size as we consume them, I keep using the same bag until the food is gone. If you’re really against buying more bags then try washing them and reusing. The jars are very handy too.

Where are you buying your bags from?

I get them at Costco for really cheap.


Go to the order page. Look to the right, there are some frames. Click on the 5th frame and find your answer.

I had two Foodsavers within two years. They don’t last and no support from the company. Bought a Nesco vacuum sealer similiar to Foodsaver and the quality and performance puts Foodsaver to shame. I do not recommend Foodsaver.

I have had this exact same model for a number of years now… no issues what-so-ever.

This thing sucks… the air right out. We have one they work well. Also can be used to reseal other bags if you don’t use all the product and want to save it.(don’t have to use the vacuum part)

My parents and I have had Foodsavers for many years and love them. However, my parents have this model and hate it, and I’m not a fan either. It seems really convenient with its vertical space-saving design, but it often takes 5, even 10 tries to get it to detect the bag and start vacuuming. It really became a pain in the neck for them. For Christmas, I got them the regular Foodsaver that requires you to lock and push the vacuum button manually, and they couldn’t have been happier.

I have 2 foodsavers. My 1st is still going strong after 15+ years, the 2nd still great after 4+ years. Just goes to show that even Apple or BMW can have a lemon.

1st off, the bags are reusable. Wash them with some dawn & let air dry. It’s rare if I can’t get 5 or more uses out of each one. Of course, the bags get smaller after every use, so sealing 1 steak, you may want to make the bag 1-3 inches larger. A little trial & error.

Secondly, I signed up at their website and get email notices on sales. Factor in free shipping deals, I get bulk bags as cheap as 30% over what retail stores charge. A few times, I didn’t need $50 (for free shipping) worth, so me and a friend combined our orders.

If you are using bags one & done and buying them at walmart, you’re doing it wrong.

I get an off brand from Amazon. They have bags of 100 for under $20. I like these better than starting with the rolls. Although I do have the rolls so I can send long baked goods to Afghanistan for the troops. However, I had to learn the timing so I didn’t squish the cookies.

Vacuum sealing will generally insure that meat is still perfect for a couple of years, at least. If your freezer doesn’t defrost itself, probably 5 years.

If it’s not still good, it should be obvious: either it won’t smell right, or the texture will be wrong. If it’s been frozen solid the whole time, and you thaw it and it seems good, go ahead and cook it. If it tastes right, it’s still good.

If your freezer is “frost free”, all bets are off; if not, it’s probably fine.

Quick Question: Does anyone know if these have a seal-only option (i.e. it doesn’t always have to vacuum before sealing a bag)?

Yep. You have to watch out for squishing some softer/fluffier foods.

I used a vacuum sealer for preparing boil-in-bag meals for a camping trip. Everything tasted great, but the pasta got totally mushed.

This Youtube video shows the seal-only process.