FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System

Why only a 90 day warranty? It’s “fulfilled by Amazon,” but you get a 1 year warranty if you buy it from them directly.

You also pay $146 when you buy from them directly.

I have used Food Savers for over 30 years and I wouldn’t want to be without one. Having said that, I find the clamshell style units to be better in the long run.

This style (where you stick the bag into the slot) tend to be tricky to get the bag in without wrinkles and to get it to seal properly. You also waste a lot more bag material because of the longer “tail” on the end of each bag. You also don’t have the option of double sealing a bag, a technique I use often to ensure I don’t lose the vacuum over time.

I could say the same about the ones you praise. The channel is difficult to line the edge of your bag in at times, wrinkling it, or not even sealing. The “lock” clips on some models stop working continually. I’ve had quite a few bags balloon up within hours after sealing, causing me to “seal” again.

This vacuum sealer just sucks.
You can use it on hockey pucks.
So get ready to start sealin’
cause Woot is a dealin’.
Buy it, it’s $89 bucks.